Please contact me by phone, for samples of Memorial Services I've photographed
and to discuss the Service for your Loved One.

What is Bereavement Photography?

I used to think Photography at Funerals and Memorial Services was insensitive and morbid.
Until my Mama died.

Photography at a Funeral or Memorial Service is not simply taking photographs of the deceased.
While these photographs may certainly be included, that is not my reason in offering Bereavement Services.

To me, Photography of a Funeral or Memorial Service is photographing the event.

While it is an unfortunate, extremely sad time of grief and loss for friends and family,
it is also a time of celebration of that persons life.
A celebration of their time here, on this Earth.
It is also a time of Reunion
Often friends and family are separated by miles, and in coming to show love and respect to our loved ones,
are seeing each other for the first time in a very long time.
Sometimes, for the last time.
This too, is a celebration.

This is why I offer to photograph the services of your loved one's passing.
When your time of grief and mourning has lessened,
you can view the photographs and remember that day much more clearly.
And remember the celebration of their life on this Earth.
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