Deborah Flowers Photography  California Nature Photographer  
Now we're down in
the Valley.

These are all
alongside the road.

We're just driving
and stopping,
driving and

Cars were lined up
in various places.
Groups of people
just taking in the
scenery. Most, like
me with cameras,
but several with out
just soaking up
God's Beauty.
I like the tumbleweeds strewn over the carpet of flowers. So wild and untouched. The tumbleweeds are actually dry, dead
Sagebrush. The roots are very shallow so when they dry out, the wind easily lifts them out of the dry sandy soil and blows them
away.  Sometimes they blow for miles and miles and pile up in huge piles against walls or fences and along the freeway.
At the fence line here I had to wade through a six or seven foot wide ditch that was filled with tumbleweeds. They are very
thorny! Of course I was wearing shorts so I got a few scratches, but I did at least have on sneaks to save my feet.
The barbed wire  is
the focus of this
image. With the soft
blurring of the
poppies and
mountains in the
I used flash to turn
the barbed wire
into shining silver.
Though the sky is
a bit too washed
out to appreciate
the sun flare.
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8 Deborah Flowers Photography and West Coast Exposure